luxury candles message candles

luxury candles message candles

luxury candles message candles                                                Message Candles a Gift For Everyone                                                                                      

It’s hard to believe that Thanksgiving has already come and gone— even though it was just yesterday. Now the pressure is on to finish our shopping for the holidays and to find every kind of gift for every kind of person… an overwhelming realization.

Sometimes it helps to find a gift that can be given to almost anyone, and we’ve recently come across the perfect thing. A gift that can, not only work for acquaintances and coworkers, but for close friends and family members as well— Message Candles.

 luxury candles message candles

These minimalistic candles are as elegant as they are meaningful. Every non-toxic, blend candle is poured into a handmade crystal holder, in black or white, with a beautiful wood wick that doesn’t smoke. The fact that these candles are free of GMO plants, pesticides and herbicides, and palm oil is only one part of what makes these environmentally friendly candles so significant. It’s the messages on them, written so unassumingly, that really make them a thoughtful gift.

From “Love You” (for good friends and family) to “Happy Holidays” (for neighbors and coworkers) there is a message for nearly every person. Others include “Good Luck,” “Thank You.” “Let’s Celebrate,” and “Best Wishes.” Pair the message with a scent that enhances each message. If you’re not sure, for the holidays we recommend warm and spicy scents like Vanilla & Tobacco, Black Patchouli, and Cedar Woods.


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