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new collection armonica

Discover our new scented candles collection “armonica”.    This collection is all about the scent and the music - everything we love in Italian music told aromatically. Each scent was created with a specific song in mind from the Italy of the ‘60s.Simply play the song, light your candle, and let them both transport you back in time. “armonica” from Latin: harmonicus relating to harmony. a harmony of the senses, the interaction of sound and smell.  

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Love You

Love You Are you looking for a good way to say "I love you" to someone special? If it is the first time or the thousandth time that you have said it, you can make it more meaningful by indulging your loved one's senses. Sweet and woody scents are both good choices for love. If you want a warmer feeling to be emanated, a sweet or fresh scent is good. However, woody or muted oriental scents are best if you want to also express passion and sensuality. Candle-loving people who want to express love.   Buy white message candle

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luxury candles message candles

                                                Message Candles a Gift For Everyone                                                                                       It’s hard to believe that Thanksgiving has already come and gone— even though it was just yesterday. Now the pressure is on to finish our shopping for the holidays and to find every kind of gift for every kind of person… an overwhelming realization. Sometimes it helps to find...

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