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Our natural blend wax is mixed with uniquely formulated, high quality essential oils
to give you a smooth, delicate fragrance. Not too overwhelming, just perfect for your senses.

Cotton Flowers

A sweet, light perfume based on delicate fresh flowers, a combination that gives a clean fragrance, creating a pleasant and relaxing atmosphere in any environment.

Green Tea

A pleasant, fresh fragrance, delicate and light with numerous properties around since ancient times, green tea gives an immediate sensation of well-being and satisfaction.

Orange Blossom

Delicate but persistent thanks to a slightly bitter base note, it transports you on a fragrant trip to the heart of a Sicilian garden, into the shade of orange trees with their delicate perfumed embrace,. Let yourself be transported by the crisp sunny freshness of the leaves and the fruit, by the majesty of the flowers, and by the sweet perfume of orange wood.


This bright, crisp sensation of citrus fruit, used to relieve stress since ancient times, brings hope and calm, putting you into a joyful, dynamic frame of mind. Ideal for making your day glow with happiness.

Cedar Wood

With its woody fragrance, this aroma produces a sensation of living and breathing amid cedar trees; the result is majestic and green, with a warm gourmet note and an element of enchantment.

Salt Colony

This modern fragrance has a wealth of overtones of white musk and the seashore, with a trace of salt on the skin. Ideal for trendsetters looking for fresh sensations. A marine fragrance that stands out for it's salty note, recreating memories of the breathtaking walks along the Mediterranean coastline among dunes and pine trees, the waves breaking onto the rocks, to create a perfect alchemy.

Black Patchouli

With a warm, intense, spicy note, this is an original, heady fragrance that nevertheless gains refinement from a harmonious touch of amber, making it less blunt, more mellow and more sophisticated.


A bright, modern note gives a very intense and persistent personality to this fragrance, quite unlike the traditional violet scent with its sugary or “old-fashioned” overtones.


The harmony of the classic elegant scent of roses makes for a comforting fragrance with a slight hint of spice. Ideal for anyone looking for a contemplative perfume: enveloping, delicate and intense.


The sweet, fragrant fruit of the fig tree is enriched with less intense, balancing notes of the rubbery sap and bark from the same tree, to create a delicate yet long-lasting, fresh spring-like fragrance.

Vanilla & Tobacco

The warm, spicy aroma of light tobacco mixed with the beguiling sweetness of vanilla creates a perfect mix for warm, seductive and charismatic notes.

Vanilla & Fudge

With this fun combination of vanilla and fudge, it’s impossible not to be transported back by this fragrance to childhood moments where everything was deliciously timeless and carefree.


An especially elegant fragrance, with sweet, musky and oriental elements. It is extremely long-lasting, leaving a captivating trail of scent and creating a particularly sensual and seductive energy around us.