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Mia Colonia

"Legend" Armonica scented candles 100% natural rapeseed wax 250g

"Legend" Armonica scented candles 100% natural rapeseed wax 250g

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smells like "il mondo" by Jimmy Fontana

Hand poured into re-usable and recyclable glass holder using biodegradable, 100 % vegetable blend wax and uniquely formulated high quality fragrance oils. Natural and environmentally friendly, our pure cotton wicks do not make smoke.
No GMO plants. No pesticides. No herbicides. No paraffin. No palm oil either. Not tested on animals.

The fragrance "Legend" features a captivating blend of head, heart, and base notes that come together to create a harmonious scent. Here's a description of the head, heart, and base notes of the fragrance. Head Notes: The head notes of "Legend" are the initial scents that you would smell when first encountering the fragrance. In this case, they consist of tea leaves, coconut, and plum. The combination of tea leaves provides a fresh and invigorating aroma, while the coconut adds a tropical and creamy element. The plum brings a hint of fruity sweetness to the top notes, creating a captivating opening for the fragrance. Heart Notes: Moving on to the heart notes, these are the scents that become noticeable after the initial head notes have settled. The heart notes of "Legend" include ylang-ylang, gardenia, and fig. ylang-ylang contributes a rich and floral aroma, while gardenia adds a touch of white flowers with its sweet and slightly creamy scent. The fig note brings a unique and earthy sweetness, lending depth and complexity to the heart of the fragrance. Base Notes: Finally, we have the base notes, which are the scents that emerge after the fragrance has developed further. The base notes of "Legend" feature white musk, cedar wood, and patchouli. White musk provides a soft and clean scent, adding a delicate touch to the base. cedar wood offers a woody and aromatic note, providing depth and a sense of warmth. Patchouli, known for its earthy and slightly spicy fragrance, contributes a touch of exoticness and sensuality to the base, completing the overall composition of "Legend."Together, these head, heart, and base notes create a fragrance that blends freshness, floral sweetness, and woody undertones, resulting in a captivating and well-rounded olfactory experience.

Notes: Wooden, Flowery, Musky, Fruity.

Head notes: tea leaves, coconut, plum
Heart notes: ylang ylang, gardenia, fig
Base notes: white musk, cedar wood, patchouli

Size: net 250g - Burning time 65 h
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