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Mia Colonia

"Dew Drop" Armonica scented candles 100% natural rapeseed wax 250g

"Dew Drop" Armonica scented candles 100% natural rapeseed wax 250g

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Hand poured into re-usable and recyclable glass holder using biodegradable, 100 % vegetable blend wax and uniquely formulated high quality fragrance oils. Natural and environmentally friendly, our pure cotton wicks do not make smoke.No GMO plants. No pesticides. No herbicides. No paraffin. No palm oil either. Not tested on animals.

"Dew Drop" is a refreshing fragrance that evokes the sensation of a crisp morning dew settling on fresh herbs and flowers. The fragrance is composed of carefully selected notes that create a harmonious blend from the top to the base.The head notes of "Dew Drop" are characterized by the invigorating scents of eucalyptus, basil, and anise. Eucalyptus contributes a cool and camphoraceous aroma, while basil adds a herbal and slightly spicy element. Anise brings a touch of sweetness and licorice-like undertones to the fragrance. These head notes establish an energizing and uplifting opening for the scent.Moving to the heart of the fragrance, "Dew Drop" reveals a combination of rosemary, lavender, and rose. Rosemary adds a green and aromatic aspect, while lavender lends a soothing and floral note to the composition. The inclusion of rose introduces a delicate, romantic, and slightly powdery element to the heart notes. Together, these notes create a sense of serenity and natural beauty.Finally, the base notes of "Dew Drop" consist of tonka bean, patchouli, and white musk. Tonka bean brings a warm and slightly vanilla-like sweetness to the fragrance, while patchouli contributes a rich and earthy undertone. White musk adds a soft and sensual touch, enhancing the overall longevity and depth of the scent. These base notes provide a grounding and comforting foundation to the fragrance.Overall, "Dew Drop" is a fragrance that captures the essence of a dewy morning, with its fresh, herbal, and floral notes complemented by a warm and inviting base. It’s perfect for those who appreciate a blend of natural and uplifting aromas.

Notes: Rustic, Floral, Woody, Cypress

Head notes: eucalyptus, basil, anise
Heart notes: rosemary, lavender, rose
Base notes: tonka bean, patchouli, white musk

Size: net 250g - Burning time 65 h
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